The freelancers behind Peak Freelance

Established in 2020, learn more about the team behind your favorite freelance writing community.

Peak Freelance is a membership community for freelance writers.

It started in October 2020 as a way for freelance writers to reach “peak” career mode: no ebbs and flows of income, a steady stream of work, and actually making this freelance thing work.

Some of the topics we talk about include:

• Setting (and raising!) rates
• Managing freelance projects without losing your mind
• Becoming a better writer
• What clients really want from freelancers they hire

"I'm so glad I joined Peak Freelance. We've got expert masterclasses, tools, trainings and templates – not to mention a lovely community of people eager to help each other out with referrals and client wrangling advice. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Louise Shanahan
Freelance writer

Meet your freelance besties

Mike Keenan

Since he started freelancing in 2014, Mike worked with awesome companies including Shopify, Help Scout, ManyChat, Segment, and more, helping them increase search traffic from their content.

He helped create Peak Freelance because it’s the group he always wanted when I started freelancing.

It took Mike forever to start getting paid his worth. He wants to help other freelance writers skip the “$20 per article” shit gigs, and start building a profitable writing business that they can be proud of.

Elise Dopson

Elise has been a freelance writer since 2017 and has been hired by huge B2B SaaS companies like Databox, HubSpot, Shopify Plus, CoSchedule, and more.

Her freelance journey was a ton of trial and error. It wasn’t until two years in that she really found her groove–and got paid what she deserved.

Elise created Peak Freelance because she didn’t want you to spend two years doing the same trial and error. She wanted to share the actual tips that’ve worked for her. (Ones that have worked so well she haven’t shared them before.)

Brooklin Nash

Brooklin Nash joined the Peak Freelance team in early 2023. He’s an ex-freelancer turned agency owner, bringing insights from running the Beam content agency to our community.

Take your freelance business to new heights

Peak Freelance is a membership community for freelance writers who want to find clients, scale their business, and make money. Get access to pro workshops, templates, and courses to take your freelance business to the next level.

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