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Freelance Pitch Workshop with Kaleigh Moore

Ever wanted to write for dream publications… but unsure on how to pitch?

Kaleigh Moore teaches the lessons she’s learned after successfully pitching world-class publications like Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Forbes ⚡️

"How do I get my byline in a huge publication like that?"

You’re probably thinking that after scanning Kaleigh Moore’s portfolio. She’s got bylines in enviable sites like Fast Company, Forbes, Vogue Business, and more. Most of them came through pitching.

In this masterclass, Kaleigh opens the doors on how she pitches to write for those publications.

You’ll learn how to:

✅ Find unique angles for a pitch
✅ Write (and format) pitches in a way that editors take notice
✅ Warm a lead pre-pitch
✅ Follow up and connect with the right people

The best part? Kaleigh pulls from her conversations with writers for The New York Times, Refinery 29, The Atlantic, VICE, and Wall Street Journal to find what makes a good pitch.

Meet your teacher, Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh is a freelance writer specializing in retail, eCommerce, and related SaaS. She has bylines in Shopify, Forbes, Fast Company, Vogue Business & others.

Still got questions?

Who is Pitch Class for?

Pitch Class is designed for writers of any kind–including bloggers, journalists, or otherwise. You don’t necessarily have to be a freelance writer to take value from this course (though that’s the perspective Kaleigh teaches from). You’ll find it useful if you’re in-house, getting PR coverage for clients, or boosting your portfolio to get a full-time writing gig.

How long is the workshop?

Pitch Class is a live replay of Kaleigh’s pitching workshop. You’ll get the entire 1-hour video and co-ordinating slides.

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital product, we don’t offer refunds on this masterclass…unless you’ve bought this on top of your All Access membership without realizing it’s included.