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Peak Freelance is a global membership community for freelance writers who want to find clients, scale their business, and ultimately, make more money. 

Get access to pro workshops, templates, and courses to take your freelance writing business to the next level.

"Peak Freelance is PACKED with resources, advice, and interviews to help you take your freelance business to the next level."
Kat Ambrose
Freelance writer

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Freelance writing is hard. We’ve been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. Peak Freelance is the support group we wish we had back then: paid products, community, and A+ advice included.

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An All Access membership gets you access to expert interviews, workshops, templates, courses, and guides to take grow your freelance business.

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2,700+ students have taken the Creative Class and learned how to grow a sustainable freelance business. Take a free lesson.

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Finding gigs is the often the trickiest part of freelancing. Find and apply for gigs through our freelance writing job board.

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From templates to courses, we’ve got everything you need to take your freelance business to the next level.

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"Joining Peak Freelance was hands down the best thing I did for my career. The ROI I’ve had since I joined in 2020 has been amazing. Being able to bounce ideas around with other freelancers is so valuable."
Holly Stanley
Freelance writer

The freelance education you've been looking for

Peak Freelance is designed to be your go-to place for growing a freelance business you’re proud of. To help achieve that, we’ve created some incredible resources:

Freelance Template Bundle: Go from nervous to confident freelancer with this bundle of 20+ templates.

Freelance Writing Beginner’s Course: Learn how to grow a freelance business from scratch.

Self-Editing eBook: Learn how to become a better self-editor — so you can feel more confident, impress your readers, and increase your rates.

Advanced Writing Course: The step-by-step guide to producing an incredible article.

Freelance Pitch Class: Taught by Kaleigh Moore, learn how to craft an incredible pitch that content managers can’t say no to.

"I doubled my rate in 3 months thanks to the confidence inspired by this awesome community. If you're on the fence, do it."
Lily Ugbaja
Freelance writer

Est. 2020 by two freelance besties

Peak Freelance started in October 2020 as a way for freelance writers to reach “peak” career mode: no ebbs and flows of income, a steady stream of work, and actually making this freelance thing work.

Founders Elise Dopson and Mike Keenan have been freelance writing for 10+ years combined. This is our place to document the things that’ve worked for us, what we wish we knew earlier, and to create a support system freelancers desperately need.

"I'm so glad I joined Peak Freelance. We've got expert masterclasses, tools, trainings and templates – not to mention a lovely community of people eager to help each other out with referrals and client wrangling advice. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Louise Shanahan
Freelance writer

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