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The Freelance Community for Writers Who Want to Scale

Are you a freelance writer who wants to work with bigger and better clients, build a personal brand, and scale from $250/post to upwards of $1,000?

You’ll love it here. 

"With all the content and community, I got my year's worth of value in the first week as a Peak Freelance member. My rates jumped so fast I now cover the annual cost of membership (and then some) with one blog post."
Paul Woodland
Freelance writer

What's included in my membership?

An All Access membership immediately grants you access to the Peak Freelance community–including our member portal.

Monthly events

Freelancing can be lonely. Overcome that by joining our monthly town halls and co-working events –live sessions to talk shop and work through problems.


Whether you’re making your first $50K, aiming for six figures or scaling beyond, our blueprints compile the best resources to get there.


Got a burning question? Want to vent about a client? Our community is a safe space for freelancers to make friends, share job opportunities, and lend a listening ear.

Pro resources

From eBooks to courses, premium products are included in the All Access membership.

Member challenges

Quarterly challenges that encourage you to move your freelance business forward (like #PEAK30).


UnGoogleable advice on how to start, grow, and sustain a profitable freelance writing business.
"Peak Freelance has been one of the best investments I've made in my freelance business. In addition to all the amazing content, having direct access to Elise and Mike has been so helpful. Peak Freelance has already given me the tools to raise my rates while focusing more on work I enjoy."
Jake Safane
Freelance writer

Unlock the Netflix for freelancers

Become an All Access member and immediately unlock the Vault.

It’s home to 40+ workshops with content managers, freelance writers, and founders. (AKA, the people who can give advice on exactly what clients need and how freelancers grow.)

"Joining Peak Freelance was hands down the best thing I did for my career. The ROI I’ve had since I joined in 2020 has been amazing. Being able to bounce ideas around with other freelancers is so valuable."
Holly Stanley
Freelance writer

Freelancing templates and courses? Check

An All Access membership automatically grants you immediate access to pro templates and courses that help you become a better freelance writer. 

That includes:

☑️  A Guide to Self-Editing eBook by editor Conan Tobias
☑️  Pitch Class: A Masterclass in Pitching Freelance Services by Kaleigh Moore
☑️  Freelance Template Bundle containing 30+ templates for freelance writers
☑️  Advanced Writing Crash Course that walks through how to write a great article
☑️  Content Refresh Handbook detailing the step-by-step process of updating an old piece of content

*The only premium product not included in an All Access membership is Freelance Writing Essentials.

"I'm so glad I joined Peak Freelance. We've got expert masterclasses, tools, trainings and templates – not to mention a lovely community of people eager to help each other out with referrals and client wrangling advice. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Louise Shanahan
Freelance writer

Meet your freelance besties 👋

Peak Freelance started back in 2020 when freelance writers Elise and Mike wanted to escape lockdown and talk shop with other freelancers who “get it”. Since then, we’ve brought a partner and 100+ fellow freelancers to give greater perspective on how to grow a profitable, sustainable freelance business.

Elise Dopson 🇬🇧

Co-founder of Peak Freelance. Elise is also a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies and the creator of Help a B2B Writer.

Michael Keenan 🇲🇽

Co-founder of Peak Freelance. Based in Mexico, Mike is also a freelance writer for big tech brands and a pro at optimizing content.

Brooklin Nash 🇬🇹

Brooklin joined the Peak Freelance team in 2023. He’s a former freelance writer turned agency owner and currently runs Beam.

Our members 🌎

Join 100+ Peak Freelance members (and counting!) who chat all things freelance with an All Access membership.
"I doubled my rate in 3 months thanks to the confidence inspired by this awesome community. If you're on the fence, do it."
Lily Ugbaja
Freelance writer

Still got questions?

Who is Peak Freelance for?

Peak Freelance is a membership designed for freelance writers of all kinds: email copywriters, bloggers, the lot. But, a lot of content is very freelance-based, with advice on things like handling clients and setting rates. You’ll still get some value if you’re another type of freelancer (video editor, photographer, etc.) 

How much is an All Access membership?

There are two options to get an All Access membership:

  • GBP: £39/month or £399/year
  • USD: $49/month or $499/year

If you don’t like the membership, cancel your monthly subscription with no strings attached. At worst, you’ll lose the cost of a week’s coffee. At best, you’ll find a community of other freelance writers, each sharing their best tips to help everyone win. Sounds like a good trade-off to me.

If you join today at the price you see on this page, you’ll lock that in for as long as you’re subscribed. No nasty surprises–promise.

How does an All Access membership differ from your Slack community?

The Slack community is our entry point for freelance writers. An All Access membership, however, grants access to premium resources — including “ask me anything” sessions with pro freelancers, courses, templates, live sessions, and workshops — designed to help you level up your freelance business. 

Is this just for US or UK-based freelancers?

Our All Access member split is roughly 40% USA and 20% Europe, with the remaining members distributed across the world. We have members in countries like India, Nigeria, and the Philippines as we try to make all of our content accessible to freelancers–regardless of their location. Other than the billing (which we can process in GBP or USD), most of the advice/resources we share should apply to you.

What if I join and find out it’s not for me?

We really try to make Peak Freelance the go-to hub for freelance writing resources. But, if you’re not enjoying your membership, we do offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, email Elise or Michael within 14 days of joining and we’ll refund your first month.

"I've only been a part of Peak Freelance for about two weeks and I've already gotten so much out of the community. From expert interviews, resource templates to simple camaraderie among fellow freelancers, it's worth every penny."
Alex Boswell
Freelance writer