Freelance Writing Essentials

Learn how to grow a freelance writing business from scratch, from two people who’ve actually walked the walk.

Go from having no clients, no portfolio, no website, and no niche–to having all four.  
"Peak Freelance is a direct line to two of the best in the biz—Elise and Michael. It is PACKED with resources, advice, and interviews to help you take your freelance business to the next level."
Kat Ambrose
Freelance writer

New freelance writer? Been there, done that

We know it’s hard to build a website. Hard to create a portfolio when you haven’t got any clients. And the whole invoicing thing? Don’t even get us started.

We’ve been freelance writers for a total of 10+ years combined.

All of that knowledge is packaged up into Freelance Writing Essentials.

This is the course you’ll need if you’re brand new to freelancing–or maybe just a few months in. You’ll learn to build confidence, set your rates, and create marketing assets that actually bring leads your way. (Because, you know…most don’t in the early days.)

Is this freelance writing course right for me?

Yes if…

✅ You’re brand new to freelance writing and still unsure of whether you can make a real, profitable career out of it.

✅ You need help building the basics: a portfolio, a website, and niche.

✅ You’re not confident in your work, rates, or processes.

✅  You’re underselling yourself and have no idea what your rate should be.

Maybe not if…

❌ You’re a few years into freelancing

❌ You already have a website, portfolio, niche, and leads coming your way

❌ You’re looking for a community, not a course

It’s not all bad news, though. If you said “that’s me!” to those bullet points, you’re gonna love the Peak Freelance membership. (It was made for writers exactly like you.)

"Whether you're brand new to the world of freelancing or you've been in the game for a while, you'll find value here. I can't recommend it highly enough."
Louise Shanahan
Freelance health writer

From nervous to confident freelancer in six modules

Freelance Writing Essentials consists of six modules–designed to take you through the entire journey of building a freelance writing business from scratch.

1: The basics

• The realities of freelance writing
• What you do (and don’t) need to start your business
• Finding a niche you won’t hate in two years

2: Getting seen 

• Building your website and portfolio
• Free guest posting
• How to use social media

3: Legal and accounting

• Creating contracts you actually understand
• Setting up an invoicing system
• How to set your rate and deal with late payments

4: How to write well

• How to write a great piece of content
• Bonus things to impress your clients (and get repeat work)

5: Landing your first client(s)

• How to find your first client
• Pitching that pays off
• How to get leads coming to you

6: Process and project management

• How to set-up Asana to manage freelance work (tutorial)
• Avoid overworking and burnout
• Processes: onboarding + exit

Still got questions?

Is this course right for me?

Yes, if you’re a beginner freelance writer. We’ll walk you through how to get started–from choosing a niche and building a website, right the way through to dealing with contracts and setting your rates. If you’ve already done those things, the All Access membership is a better fit for you.

I’m outside of the UK/USA. Will this course still be helpful to me?

Yes! While Mike is American and Elise is from the UK, we tried to make this freelance writing course as universal as possible. There are some specifics (especially around the legalities) for each country, but other than that, everything is the same regardless of where you’re freelancing from.

How much is the course?

We’ve tried to make it as affordable as we can for new freelance writers. The price of this course is just $99. You’ll get lifetime access–meaning should we make any updates, you won’t have to pay any more.

Is this included in a Peak Freelance membership?

Unfortunately not. Freelance Writing Essentials is designed to be the go-to course for new freelance writers. The All Access membership, on the other hand, is for people who already know the basics and are looking to level-up. We recommend taking this course before moving onto the membership.

"Peak Freelance has been one of the best investments I've made in my freelance business."
Jake Safane
Freelance writer