Freelance Template Bundle

Sick of asking the same thing over and over again… and not getting the response you’d hoped for? 🤦‍♀️

This bundle of 25 reusable email templates was designed for freelancers just like you. The goal? To help you become more efficient and consistent… and get paid what you deserve.

Note: This template bundle is included in an All Access membership.

"This is the template bundle I wish I had when I started freelancing. These templates would've saved me HOURS. And earned me quite a bit more money, too."
Laura Bosco
Freelance writer

Templates to handle even the most awkward freelance situation

There’s no beating around the bush: talking to clients can be awkward. No matter how many years you’ve spent refining your freelance craft, client relationships are delicate. Emails with even the best intentions can be misconstrued.

The key to communicating is being confidence and concise.

These templates are designed for freelancers who…

✅ Aren’t confident communicating with clients and re-read emails 100 times before hitting “send”.
✅ Struggle to communicate what you want (and need) from your clients without feeling too cheeky or demanding.
✅ Never know the right thing to say to push a freelance project forward.

"Oh, these are rad. I love how you added extra tips on how to use each template. I expected this to be a quick bundle, but it goes wayyy beyond."
Melissa King
Freelance writer

20+ freelance templates included

Go from unorganized to “I’ve got this” with 20+ email templates designed every freelancing scenario. Each template comes with a handy usage guide with best practices on how to handle the situation you’re facing.

Communicating with clients

• Screening a potential client
• Responding to enquiries
• Requesting a meeting agenda
• Sharing an out of office
• Moving from ad-hoc to retainer

Marketing your freelance business

• Pitching a podcast appearance
• Arranging a coffee chat
• Pitching a guest post
• Interviewing sources

Getting more work

• Warm pitch templates
• Following up on a pitch
• Asking for referrals and testimonials
• Requesting feedback
• Checking in with old clients

Talking about money 

• Asking for a deposit
• Justifying your rates
• Handling a vague budget
• Raising rates with clients
• Chasing late payers

Designed for every freelancer


Project managers


Still got questions?

How many templates are there?

At present, there are 25 templates for you to start using. But your purchase gets you lifetime access–meaning if any new templates get added, you won’t miss out.

Who can use these templates?

The templates are designed specifically for freelancer writers offering services like blog posts, whitepapers, emails, website copy… the lot. But, many of the templates are generic freelance templates. You’ll probably get use out of them if you’re another type of freelancer.

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital product, we don’t offer refunds on any of the templates…unless you’ve bought this on top of your All Access membership without realizing it’s included. If you’re using the templates and not getting results, give me a shout and we can tweak each template together.

"I used the templates to reach out to 50+ European investors to gather quotes for an ebook. I got a high response rate from the majority of them. What totally came unexpected is that one of them proposed to work together for another project."
Patricia Borlovan
Freelance writer