Advanced Crash Course in Writing

The best, highest-paid writers know their craft inside out. They can turn a keyword into an engaging piece of content, and write something people actually enjoy reading. (Yes, it is possible.)

This crash course in writing teaches you how to do it.

Note: This course is included in an All Access membership.

“After struggling to understand how much I should know about SEO as a writer, I now feel much more confident."
Michael Metcalf
Freelance writer

Fear of the blank page?

Whether you’re writing long-form content or snippets of website copy, getting words out of your head and onto a blank screen can feel daunting. Trust us: we’ve been there, done that.

The good news? This crash course in writing teaches everything we wish we knew.

In it, you’ll learn how to turn a blank screen into a well-written, engaging, and impressive piece of content. We’ll cover everything from: 

✅ What to do when a client says, “write something that ranks for this keyword”
✅ How to research and outline a topic
✅ Writing two of the hardest parts of any content: the introduction and conclusion
✅ How to find subject matter experts and convince them to give a unique quote
✅  Building your own tone of voice
✅ Copywriting formulas that use psychology to drive sales (with guest teacher, Kaleigh Moore)
"Peak Freelance is PACKED with resources, advice, and interviews to help you take your freelance business to the next level."
Kat Ambrose
Freelance writer

Did someone say bonus resources?

Aside from the eight modules that’ll teach you how to write an incredible article, this advanced writing course includes bonus templates and a Q&A session.


• Blog post brief template
• Outline template
• Conclusion templates
• Introduction templates
• Formatting templates
• Quote sourcing cheatsheet

Writing Q&A replay

We did a live Q&A session with some members to answer any questions they had about writing, including:

• Whether writing tools are worth the money
• How long it takes to write a blog post 
• Dealing with US vs. UK English 
• The pros and cons of using slang and conversational language 
• Tips for working with editors 
• How to set editors up to give you great feedback
• Why I do manual outlining/research, rather than having an AI tool do it for me 
• Popular writing formulas we use
• How to start a writing swipe file

Still got questions?

Who is this writing course for?

This course was made with freelance writers in mind–including email copywriters, bloggers, and direct response copywriters. But, the lessons taught inside the writing course apply to anyone writing online. You’ll learn from it if you’re writing a personal blog, for a company, or just for fun.

How much is the writing course?

Access to the course is $149.  You’ll get lifetime access–meaning should we make any updates, you won’t have to pay any more. Note: All Access members get this included in their membership.

Can I get a refund?

If you’re not happy with the course, you can get a 14-day money-back guarantee. (But we’d rather you tell us why you feel that way so we can try to fix it.)

"Elise and Michael are both so down to earth and relatable even though they’re freelance writer superstars -- they clearly want to help everyone thrive in the writing industry."
Rebecca Noori
Freelance writer