Become a Better Self-Editor: The eBook

Whether you’re submitting content to your client or writing for fun, credibility is at stake if your content is littered with errors.
The only problem? It’s hard to spot mistakes in your own writing.

This eBook, authored by pro editor Conan Tobias, shares how to become a better self-editor — so you can feel more confident, impress your readers, and increase your rates.

Note: This eBook is included in an All Access membership.

Writing mistakes? Gone

If you write for a living—especially if someone is paying you to write for them—you need to hold yourself to a high standard. If you’re writing for a publication, blog, or company website, your copy most likely will be looked over by an editor. 
But that extra layer of protection doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to hand in work that’s as polished as you can make it.

This guide isn’t designed to teach you how to write.

You won’t learn the parts of a sentence or parts of speech.

It’s instead a guide that looks at some common mistakes, some things that often trip people up, and some things people often need help with. It will give your writing that extra polish needed to stand out.

Build credibility and confidence

Go forth and conquer with higher rates and client praise. We’ll cover:
  • Common grammatical errors (is it : or ;?)
  • How to fact-check 

Sentence syntax
DIY spell checking

Formatting pull quotes, lists, and links
Weaving quotes into an article

Meet the author

Conan Tobias is a former fact checker. He was the managing editor of Canadian Business magazine and the editor-in-chief and publisher of Taddle Creek, a general-interest arts magazine. 

He is now a freelance editor and the executive director of the Doug Wright Awards, an organization that recognizes Canadian cartooning.

Still got questions?

What format does this come in?

The Self-Editing Guide is an eBook. You won’t get a physical copy — you’ll get a PDF file of the book to read on a device.

Who can use this eBook? 

The eBook was written for anyone who writes. This includes freelance writers, journalists, authors, content marketers, people who post on social media, and those who want to write error-free emails.

What’s your returns policy?

Because this is a digital product, we don’t offer refunds on any of the templates…unless you’ve bought this on top of your All Access membership without realizing it’s included. If you’re using the templates and not getting results, give me a shout and we can tweak each template together.