Content Refresh Handbook

Got an old piece of content you want to update?

Whether you’re refreshing it in-house or a freelancer pitching it to a client, this workbook walks you through it from start to finish.

Note: This course is included in an All Access membership.

"We want to send big kudos to Michael & Elise for The Content Refresh Handbook which was one of the best resources that helped us a lot this year. Everything became more easy when explaining the benefits to our clients."
Freelance writer

What's included in the handbook?

The Content Refresh Handbook is an interactive course that’ll teach you how to refresh a piece of content and pitch it to your clients.

Each section has a video and transcript to explain each step, along with a printable checklist for you to work through as you do a refresh yourself. There’s also a prerecorded Q+A session with Peak Freelance members, answering questions like:

• How do I pitch content refreshing?
• How do you charge for a refresh (vs a brand new post)?
• Why don’t more freelancers offer content refreshing as a service?
• How can I upsell from a refresh?

"Peak Freelance has been one of the best investments I've made in my freelance business."
Jake Safane
Freelance writer

We used this strategy to get one client a 629% increase in organic traffic

..and that’s on one single post 🤯

Content refreshing is the perfect way to impress your clients and get concrete results for your writing work.

Still got questions?

Who is the Content Refresh Handbook for?

We created the Content Refresh Handbook for freelance writers who are offering (or wanting to pitch!) content refreshing as a service. However, the same process still applies for in-house editors or content managers.

What format is the Content Refresh Handbook?

The majority of the course is in video format, but each video has a transcript so you can follow along without watching them. There’s also a checklist, refreshing template, and printable handbook for you to work through as you go through the course.

Can I get a discount?

All Peak Freelance members get access to every premium product included in their All Access membership–like this one. Get a monthly or annual subscription and get the Content Refresh Handbook free.

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital product, we don’t offer refunds on any of the templates…unless you’ve bought this on top of your Peak Freelance membership without realizing it’s included.