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Template Bundle

This bundle of 25 reusable email templates was designed for freelancers just like you. The goal? To help you become more efficient and consistent… and get paid what you deserve.

Freelance Writing Course

Learn how to grow a freelance writing business from scratch, from two people who’ve actually walked the walk. Go from having no clients, no portfolio, no website, and no niche–to having all four.  

Freelance Pitch Class

Ever wanted to write for dream publications… but unsure on how to pitch? Kaleigh Moore teaches the lessons she’s learned after successfully pitching world-class publications like Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.

Advanced Writing Course

The best, highest-paid writers know their craft inside out. They can turn a keyword into an engaging piece of content, and write something people actually enjoy reading. (Yes, it is possible.)

Content Refresh Guide

Got an old piece of content you want to update? Whether you’re refreshing it in-house or a freelancer pitching it to a client, this workbook walks you through it from start to finish.

Self-Editing eBook

This eBook, authored by pro editor Conan Tobias, shares how to become a better self-editor — so you can feel more confident, impress your readers, and increase your rates.
"Peak Freelance is a direct line to two of the best in the biz—Elise and Michael. It is PACKED with resources, advice, and interviews to help you take your freelance business to the next level."
Kat Ambrose
Freelance writer

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